Broadway Legend André De Shields Is Thriving at His Own Pace || Interview with André De Shields during which he spoke about spirituality, his career, and living with HIV.

What Happens When Black Gay Men With HIV Love and Dance in the Name of Brotherhood || Profile on Orlando Zane Hunter Jr. and Ricarrdo Valentine, and challenging the dominant perspective about same-gender-loving African Americans in the 21st century. 

When Using Dating Apps, Disclosing My HIV Status Is Earned, Not Your Right to Know || Revealing every nuance about my health with someone who doesn’t know my favorite color feels rash.

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TheBody Pro

How to De-Escalate Conflict in HIV Care and Community Health || For some clients, escalation is how they communicate that they feel unsafe or feel that their needs are not being taken seriously.

Real Talk at SYNChronicity 2020: Black Women Are Essential to Eliminating HIV || Open conversations between care providers and Black women are vitally important in order to empower women with information about HIV and how to protect their health.

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Touring in ‘Phantom’ as a Black Man During COVID-19 and George Floyd || As one of the only African-American performers currently working in professional theatre, Marcus Williams has a unique perspective on the twin pandemics of coronavirus and racism.

How Audiences Can Help Broadway Become More Diverse || Theatre-makers can’t dismantle white supremacy in the industry without your assistance.

Why Boys Doing Ballet Should Be No Big Deal || Written in response to Lara Spencer’s remarks. Quashing the bullying isn’t enough to lift the stigma. Boy dancers need to be championed.

Never Show Vulnerability, Except When Singing || Caleb Eberhardt makes a tuneful Broadway debut in Choir Boy.

Time Out NY

This NYC-based group is hosting a global riot for Black gay lives || COVID-19 may have forced everyone indoors, but that’s not stopping GBGMC from building a powerful global community.

Sugar In Our Wounds || Review

Zürich || Review

Dutch Masters || Review

American Theatre Magazine

Saheem Ali’s ‘Richard II’: What Does Authority Sound Like? || The director rounds out a stellar season with a radio rendering of a play salvaged from the Public Theater’s canceled Shakespeare in the Park season.

Electric Literature

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Read Ursula Le Guin’s “Earthsea” Books || The fantasy series offers a pioneering Black hero—and a model for how white people can decenter themselves.

Association Success

10 TIPS TO BRING YOUR ZOOM EVENTS TO LIFE || The shift to online meetings has exposed a number of weaknesses in how we present material. Here’s how to fix them.


Beyond the Gay Pride Parade, Showing Solidarity with Black Lives || The Gay Pride Parade is canceled, so in the spirit of its founding protests, now is time to support Black Lives.

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White Voices VS Black Bodies at NYTimes || Critical Report