Juan Michael

Juan Michael Porter II is an arts & culture journalist, marketing strategist, educator, and producer. He is a former professional dancer and model.

I pride myself in bending over backwards to accomplish any task, whether that involves writing a micro-review, completing a grant narrative from scratch, producing a photo shoot, or overhauling an entire production. I am currently the managing editor & critic-in-residence of BroadwayWorld Dance, and a regular contributor to TheBody.com, TDF Stages, and Exuent NYC. My writing has appeared in Time Out NY, HuffPost, Color Lines, The Dance Enthusiast, Movement Research, and Ballet Review. For selected highlights, visit my Writing Portfolio.

I am also a marketing and production strategist specializing in everything from generating original content to managing projects through the pre- to post-production phase. I have worked with a wide range of clients, including: choreographers, executive directors, activists, writers, fitness gurus, and educators. In each instance, my guiding principle has been: “Ask questions, acknowledge the deltas, and remain solution oriented.” Much like my writing, it’s a reflexive approach that allows us to pivot on the spot to resolve any issue that may arise. For more information about my experience or how I might help you bring your vision to life, please visit my Marketing Portfolio.